Thank you for submitting the website request form!

What’s next? Here is the general sequence of events to produce your website.

  • 1


    • I will contact you and review the information with you. If you want to talk to me now, please call or text 904-710-1224.
  • 2


    • I will give you the package options with a detailed estimate.
    • We agree on the final details and sign a contract.
  • 3


    • We will schedule your project including meetings.
    • You will be given a more lengthy background research form to complete and submit to me.
    • We will meet in person or virtually to go through all the information. During this meeting, we may establish the theme, theme layout, and branding choices.
  • 4


    • I build the first draft of the website.
    • We meet for review and feedback.
    • I build the final draft on the hosted space.
    • We meet for a round of small tweaks and final approval.
    • I install all third party integrations services and launch the website.
  • 5


    • After launching the website, we meet so I can train you on how to log in, do simple updates, and backup your website.

Most projects stick to this sequence, but there is space for differentiation within this process.

I absolutely LOVE making amazing websites for my clients. I also LOVE working with clients. I hope we can work together!